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In the field of wireless concealment, Raycap products are essential

Concealment is the process of screening, hiding, or “camouflaging” antennas. Since 1992, Raycap’s STEALTH technology has covered the entire wireless industry with the most extensive variety of DAS, small cell and custom concealment structures made to be both solidly engineered and aesthetically pleasing. Today we streamline 5G deployment through our integrated small cell poles and complementary solutions. Learn more about our products and what we can do for your project.

Helping 5G deployment go smoother and faster with concealment options

Learn how our protection and concealment solutions can streamline approvals, installation, and maintenance.

Helping you make 5G a compelling and attractive part of the cityscape

Raycap protection and concealment solutions can help you maintain aesthetics while enjoying the possibilities of 5G services.

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Concealment Resource Downloads

Concealment Revealed

How do you choose the right concealment partner? This guide will give you all the questions that you should be asking before starting your next site.

Concealment Illustrated

Our “family album”. Filled with all our concealment products, you’ll find examples of everything from rooftops and silos to steeples and crosses to small cell and DAS.

Small Cell Product Guide

Gather inspiration from our portfolio of small cell creations. Everything from poles to custom roof mounted structures to give inspiration on your next project.

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