About Raycap | STEALTH®

About Raycap | STEALTH

Raycap is a technology solutions provider offering industrial surge protection, connectivity, and telecom, energy and transportation infrastructure solutions that support and protect the world’s critical infrastructure. Since 1987 Raycap has built a worldwide organization with offices and production facilities throughout North America and Europe. The 2018 acquisition of STEALTH Concealment Solutions in South Carolina USA supports Raycap’s initiative to enable the rollout of 5G and next-generation telecommunications networks in North America and beyond. STEALTH was founded in 1992 and pioneered the wireless concealment industry with the country’s first RF-transparent antenna concealment systems. Twenty-five years later the STEALTH brand covers the entire wireless industry with the largest variety of custom concealment structures. With STEALTH’s concealment industry expertise, Raycap | STEALTH can handle large or small concealment product rollouts with one goal in mind: To provide the best customer service, product design, engineering, manufacturing, aesthetic requirements, and ease of installation to be a one-stop-shop for carriers.

Raycap | STEALTH Concealments & Small Cell Pole Products

Raycap | STEALTH has a clear vision of the future network, a result of many years of research and development in the telecommunications field and continuous engagement with the leading companies in the industry including partners, customers, suppliers, plus current and future stakeholders of the network. We are proven thought-leaders and are equipped to design and manufacture numerous protected, camouflaged options. This enables us to bring small cell light poles, cupolas, vent stacks, side mounted boxes and many other custom structures to our customers in the telecommunications industry, while still being proven to be aesthetically pleasing, RF-friendly, and operate seamlessly. For a visual overview of our end-to-end small cell concealment capabilities, view our Capabilities Infographic. Still have questions? Contact us directly at info@raycap.comstealth.info@raycap.com, or find your local Sales Representative.

Raycap | STEALTH Core Values


Nothing can distract us from our number one priority: our customers. We structure and manage our company to ensure this. We free our people from distractions and worries so they can focus their full attention and energy in better serving our customers. For us it is crystal clear: if we contribute to our customers' success, we too will be successful in the long run.


We seek and attract the best people in every field and we empower them to perform miracles every day for our customers. Raycap | STEALTH is comprised of many great individuals, yet there is no room for individualism. Everyone is ready to step in, assume responsibilities, make quick decisions with one thing in mind: delight our customers every day.


Excellence in everything we do is part of our DNA. Innovation and pioneering does not stop at R&D. We want to have the best people in every function, employ the most advanced tools and equipment, create inspiring working environments, find new and better ways of performing even the simplest tasks. Excellence and innovation is a constant, relentless drive throughout the organization.


We never rest on past successes, and continuously push the technological limits, inventing new products to address our customers' most challenging problems. We help our customers grow and we excel by being intellectually curious, seeking proprietary innovative solutions and offering customized products. For us every challenge is unique and so is its solution.


We mean what we say and we say what we mean. At Raycap | STEALTH we are transparent to our customers, our employees, our vendors, our stakeholders. We are always direct and truthful, even in difficult situations. We firmly believe that being honest and uncomplicated in our dealings and communications is the best way for all parties involved. In the long run, honesty always pays off.

A Few Of Our Customers

  • AT&T
  • Verizon
  • Sprint
  • T-Mobile
  • US Cellular

About Raycap | STEALTH®

Whether you’re a wireless carrier, zoning official or general contractor, economic factors will most likely drive your operation. By evaluating factors like site complexity, ease of installation, serviceability and flexibility from the onset, Raycap | STEALTH extends the life of your tower and concealments, and maximizes your long-term investment.

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