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Patron Praise

"I was really amazed at how great it looked! It matched perfectly and I know the folks running this business were equally impressed."

Ron Pauly, Principal Construction Engineer

Verizon Wireless

“Since the 1990’s, our company has been installing STEALTH products across the country. It is always encouraging to know that a client picks STEALTH for their concealment needs when we are performing the installation. We know before even stepping onto the site that everything has been engineered and thought out thoroughly with their engineering team. STEALTH is always available to answer any questions that we may have while on the job site during the installation phase. While each installation is unique, STEALTH’s product always goes together as planned. Our experience with STEALTH is very positive and enjoyable. It is very rewarding to see each project come together on schedule when working with their products.”

Jim Labenz, United States

DigitCom, Inc.

“Please thank the entire team over at STEALTH for getting our products made so quickly. Your management, responsiveness, attention to detail and customer relations are hands down the best in the business. Kudos and great job!”

Marc Johnson, United States

“We always try to use STEALTH®’s products when we can, your pricing is always competitive and your quotes are accurate and fast.”

Mike Clodfelter, United States

Sky Climber Tower Solutions

“We were able to work together to create a tower in a R1 residential neighborhood that was a slam dunk for everyone.”

Anthony Smith, United States

Blue Ridge Towers

“They [STEALTH] are easy to work with, helpful because they look for better solutions and have excellent customer service.”

Ryan Farr, United States

AT&T Antenna Solutions Group

“We’ve looked at competitors, but we keep coming back to STEALTH. They have a fast turnaround and a commitment to timelines. They always come up with realistic designs for their structures.”

Jeff Ott, United States

Verizon Wireless

“STEALTH makes great quality products. Their local support team makes doing business easy. They are the leader in concealment.”

Andrew Wallace, United States

nTelos Wireless

“I have worked with STEALTH for over 18 years, starting as AT&T RF manager, followed by Director at nTelos and also in Florida. Most recently I am working with Michael Harvey on small cell projects for Verizon Wireless Southern VA. I have both a high general satisfaction with STEALTH as well as a high respect for Michael on our most recent projects, including creative solutions at resorts and downtown areas. DAS projects are also an area that I envision STEALTH use.”

Jon Cooper, United States

GDN Sites

“Clark Nexsen is currently working on several concealment projects with STEALTH. We prefer to do business with STEALTH because of their expertise and history in this industry. They have a strong background in concealment and a consistent/reliable support team that helps us complete projects on time.”

Stuart Patterson, United States

Clark Nexsen

About Raycap | STEALTH®

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