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Comcast to Offer Cell Service?

comcastIs Comcast looking to get into the cellphone business? Some sources say yes. The cable company reportedly plans to activate an old agreement with Verizon to use their spectrum and offer their services to customers.

Back in 2012, Verizon made a $3.6 Billion deal with Comcast and as well as other cable companies. Each cable company involved was given the option to “after approximately four years, to become re-sellers of Verizon Wireless’ services.” Verizon was also required to sell some spectrum to T-Mobile.

However, Verizon isn’t Comcast’s only option – they also have a deal with Sprint that would allow them to resell their services. This news is further fueling rumors that Comcast could potentially absorb T-Mobile US, which would certainly give them even more options.

“We would guess that Comcast will test a Wi-Fi first offering first using Verizon and see how it performs,” New Street Research analyst Jonathan Chaplin said. “Before rolling it out commercially I would assume they will see if they can get a better deal out of T-Mobile and Sprint, similar to Google’s (Fi service). At the same time, we wouldn’t be surprised if they take a hard look at buying T-Mobile.”

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