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Frequently Asked Questions

Raycap| STEALTH designs, engineers, and furnishes concealment screening systems for the wireless industry. Our architecturally sound and aesthetically pleasing systems are specifically designed to assist in receiving, zoning, and building owner approvals for infrastructure build out with minimal reduction to the system’s performance.

Concealment is the process of screening, hiding, or “camouflaging” antennas. It can be used to satisfy a city or building owner’s need to minimize the visual affect of an antenna installation by disguising it as flagpole, a rooftop parapet, or any other conceivable design that helps the site blend visually into its environment.

Raycap | STEALTH offers a wide range of concealment products, both standard and custom. Most fall into three major concealment categories: Rooftop Concealments, Concealment Poles, and Custom Concealments. They include screenwalls, penthouses, flagpoles, light poles, cross poles, banner poles, custom towers, signs, silos, crosses, chimneys, louvers, steeples, side mounted boxes, DAS concealments…and many more. Check out our amazing concealment solutions here.

Raycap | STEALTH offers a variety of RF transparent panels, that are carefully chosen on a per site basis. Panel selection is made by our professional design team based on site requirements, climate, and RF frequencies.

Please call to discuss the specifications of your project.

Our standard quoted time frame for engineering services typically ranges from one to two weeks, depending on the level of difficulty and receipt of needed information regarding the existing structure. Material fabrication time frames typically range from two to six weeks, depending on the type of materials and prompt receipt of engineering approvals.

In addition to the steel support structure and concealment radomes, each flagpole product generally includes: ball/truck assembly, flag, swivels for flag, swivel covers, cleat, rope, flange bolts, nuts, lock washers, bolts, and flat washers.

Standard colors available are flagpole white, gray, brown, and bronze. Custom colors are available upon request.


Yes. Raycap | STEALTH offers a variety of different pole solutions. From cross and light poles to cylinder expansions, we do it all!

In our 20-plus years of experience, every site is different, therefore we customize our products and our process to meet your needs. No project is too big or too small.

You may contact your local Sales Representative for a price quote, or simply submit your request here.

To provide the most accurate quotation, Raycap | STEALTH requests that any and all site plans, site measurements, site photos along with a scope of work description be sent along with your RFQ.

Depending upon the application, Raycap | STEALTH requires a signed proposal or an actual purchase order to begin work. Raycap | STEALTH may also require existing site measurements and/or exact concealment measurements.

All of our customers receive a dedicated Project Manager who will manage the project from start to finish. Our Project Managers will keep you informed every step of the way.

Yes. Please contact your local Sales Representative for more details.

Raycap | STEALTH offers a full one-year warranty on all Raycap | STEALTH products.

Yes. To assist in getting zoning approvals, Raycap | STEALTH can provide photo simulations at no charge. We require good, clear photos of the existing site, showing details from both up close and distant views. We also require all dimensions and sizes of the existing structure, if applicable, along with the concealment dimensions.

Preliminary drawings are generally only required on custom concealments, and includes a basic drawing of the concealment structure. It shows the necessary dimensions for the concealment. Preliminary drawings must be approved before final engineering can begin, where applicable. Click here to learn more about our antenna concealment process.

Final engineering includes a set of Professional Engineer (P.E.) stamped drawings that clarifies the necessary dimensions and/or attachments for all Raycap | STEALTH products used in the concealment and the existing structure. Click here to learn more about our antenna concealment process.

To begin the fabrication stage, both preliminary and final engineering must be approved, where applicable. Click here to learn more about our antenna concealment process.

Upon completion of engineering or fabrication of materials, Raycap | STEALTH will issue an invoice that includes applicable tax and shipping charges.

Standard Payment Terms are net 30 days unless amended payment terms have been agreed in writing by both Raycap | STEALTH and the Customer.

For all new customers, a credit application must be submitted to our Accounting Department via fax at 843-207-0207. To request an application, please contact us at 800-755-0689.

For sites constructed near you, please visit our Contact Us section and let us know your location, or contact your local Sales Representative. If you didn’t find your question here, please refer to our Contact Us or our Resource section and our experienced staff will do their best to answer your questions/comments in a timely manner.

Contact Raycap | STEALTH by visiting our Contact Us section to submit your questions electronically. The appropriate department will respond to your request within 24 hours. For immediate service call 800-755-0689.

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