STEALTH® Church Antenna Solutions

Churches offer a wide variety of solutions for disguising wireless equipment. Your concealment options are limitless! All the materials we use are RF-transparent providing excellent RF performance and quick installation. Whether you are looking for a traditional steeple or a custom cross concealment, we’ve got a solution for you.

Church Steeple Concealments

Raycap | STEALTH has manufactured a wide variety of steeples to camouflage antennas from antique to completely modern. We’re also skilled at replacements, extensions, and expansions to help spread the signal far and wide.

Cross Concealments

If a steeple doesn't quite fit the bill, a cross could be the ideal solution for your church. We offer a variety of additions to steeples including roof mounted and freestanding crosses! There is more flexibility with concealment crosses than some of the more traditional options, ensuring that you'll be able to find the perfect placement.