STEALTH® DAS Concealments

As the demand for bandwidth increases within heavily populated parks, hotels, arenas and sports centers, distributed antenna systems (DAS) have become the key to connectivity. Think of the last major sporting or arena event you attended. You may recall that phone screens light up the space. People want to talk, text and tweet, and DAS allows venues to accommodate sudden, extreme spikes in demand. In true Raycap | STEALTH fashion, we’ve designed and fabricated them to blend seamlessly into their surroundings.

Where DAS Networks are Integrated

Aesthetics become more and more important when additional antennas are needed to support data usage. In places such as arenas, football stadiums like Clemson's Death Valley, parks, campuses like Ole Miss and other heavily populated areas, you can spot various types of STEALTH concealments. Whether it be in the form of a vomitory box, light pole, or side mounted box, there's likely a concealment that's well disguised somewhere near you.

DAS Side Mounted Boxes