STEALTH® Custom Freestanding Antenna Concealments

We provide custom, freestanding structures for a myriad of places. From silos to bell towers, clock towers and more, Raycap | STEALTH designers can build or expand a freestanding tower to accommodate single or multiple carriers, creating endless variations to enhance or blend in with the environment.

Silo Concealment Solutions

STEALTH silos are the perfect fit for any farm. They can be fully dressed with our concealment panels, or they can be concrete below the RF-transparent portion. Our silos can be expanded for future carriers, so you’ll have the ability to add antennas later if the need arises. Learn more about our silo projects in the resources below.

Bird of Prey Antenna Shields

STEALTH antenna shields protect your site by providing a deterrent for nesting birds of prey. The shield cabling is made from stainless steel and all other components from galvanized steel, ensuring that the product will last. Learn more about our antenna shields below.

Custom Tower Concealment