Introducing InvisiWave®

Raycap | STEALTH have announced the new patent-pending solution, InvisiWave, making the concealment of 5G mmWave small cell sites possible. Prior to this material, the industry has struggled to achieve a mmWave solution which could hide the radios and antennas without affecting performance. Now, concealment is possible for all technologies.

InvisiWave Radome & Panel Concealments

When placed in a community’s right-of-way, a concealment solution may be necessary to hide radios in applications such as utility poles and street light poles. Concealments help with city approvals and can speed up the network deployment process. For rooftop screenwalls, chimneys and other panel-based concealments, panel replacements will be designed and manufactured with InvisiWave built into the respective 5G radio location. For existing projects, an aperture replacement will be provided.




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Together, We're Better

STEALTH and Raycap have decades of expertise serving the telecommunications industry. In joining together, our capabilities to tackle the industry’s tough small cell needs are unsurpassed. We offer a substantial USA presence with bi-coastal facilities and national sales presence and global manufacturing capabilities. Together we provide competitive pricing, sought-after lead times and we guarantee a superior product. Together we’re better.