STEALTH®Pod Concealment for Disguised Antennas & Equipment

Antennas and wireless equipment are often mounted on a rooftop, and potentially in commercial districts where camouflage is a must. When a screen wall or faux chimney won’t do the trick, try a pod instead!

Standard Frame Sizes for Easy Installation

Raycap | STEALTH offers two standard ballasted pod frames that are designed to accommodate not only the antennas but also the radomes to conceal them. This allows for reduced engineering lead times and costs, plus, the optimized framing material makes manufacturing and installation a breeze.

Pod Projects for Architecture & Engineering Firms

For A&E firms working on a new project, STEALTH concealment pods offer a great disguise and can even add a decorative element to a building. Pods can be designed as roof penetrating or non-penetrating (ballasted) and can also be ventilated. Ballasted pod packages containing the catalog and pertinent DWG files to incorporate into your projects. Reach out to your local sales representative for these standard design packages.

Perforated and Ventilated Pods

If you're using antennas, RRU's (Remote Radio Unit) or RRH's (Remote Radio Head), it's important to ensure that the equipment does not overheat. We have ventilated and perforated radomes to use on your site so that overheating does not become an issue. Refer to the flyers below for more details regarding these cooling solutions.

Pod Concealment on Rooftop