STEALTH® Pole & Radome Antenna Solutions

Whether you need a flagpole or a community light pole, we can get the job done. Our pole products are engineered to meet EIA/TIA 222 G code requirements, municipality wind load requirements and even ventilation requirements with ventilated or perforated radomes and are fitting for even the highest profile locations.

Where Raycap | STEALTH Poles Work

Poles can be freestanding or roof-mounted with concealment diameters capable of housing a broad range of antennas and specifications. Our team can identify the appropriate style for any site or you can view the resources below for available options.

Radome Styles

Raycap | STEALTH offers many radome options, with the perfect solution for any site. Review the resources below to see the pole concealment styles we can offer from smooth to multi-sided. We also offer strap connections for easier field maintenance and installation.

Perforated Radomes in Las Vegas, NV