STEALTH®Rooftop Antenna Camouflage

In cities and suburbs, existing buildings seek to exploit their airspace. And aesthetics matter, even 20 stories high! The Raycap | STEALTH team specializes in disguising rooftop antenna structures in screen walls, side-mounted boxes, chimneys, and cupolas. Our experts can assess any site to make the most of your rooftop opportunity.

Where Rooftop Concealments Work

Rooftop concealments complement existing construction, and our hand-crafted (all in the USA, by the way!) faux brick, block, stucco, and stone textures seamlessly blend with any building. All utilize exclusive RF-transparent panels and are engineered for ease of expedited installation and optimum RF performance.

Standard Ballasted Faux Chimney Frames

Raycap | STEALTH offers two options of standard ballasted chimney frames that are designed to accommodate not only the wireless antenna, but also the chimney. The standardized frames with attachment hardware allows for reduced engineering lead times, lowered costs, optimized manufacturing and easy installation. These are a great solution for when the roof cannot be penetrated.

Rooftop Concealment Installation