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Site Walk & Mapping

Instead of trying to untangle your precise concealment site requirements, let Raycap | STEALTH handle it.

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Zoning Support

Residents, business owners and historic preservationists rightfully care what their community looks like. We do, too.

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SPOT is user-friendly, complementary tool to assess existing color palettes and communicate them back to Raycap | STEALTH’s in-house artists.

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Maintenance & Upgrades

With a majority of the industry’s attention going to new sites, Raycap | STEALTH also focuses on the maintenance and durability of legacy tower concealments.

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We understand that being an industry leader often puts us in the teacher’s seat. Since we blended our first tower into its surroundings in 1992, we’ve answered the industry’s call by standardizing product categories and jargon, establishing a clear line of communication across all wavelengths. We offer a full range of competitive services backed by our almost 25+ years of experience and product guarantee.

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