Raycap | STEALTH® Services

Maintenance & Upgrades

Benefits of Maintenance & Upgrades

  • Detection of at-risk sites
  • Affordable and reliable solutions
  • Rehabilitation antenna retrofitting
  • Adjustments for new technologies

Concealment Longevity Services

With a majority of the industry’s attention going to new sites, there’s been little focus on maintaining legacy tower concealments. That’s why Raycap | STEALTH launched the Concealment Longevity Service. With this, our trained experts can spot the signs of a site that is at-risk and provide affordable, reliable and practical solutions to rehabilitate an ailing concealment.

It’s Time to Upgrade

When upgrading a cell tower concealment for increased RF transparency or accommodating additional carriers, we place the utmost importance on delivering the best possible solution for the site. While Raycap | STEALTH focuses on aesthetics and engineering, we are also concerned about long-term sustainability.

Aged site records often lack up-to-date information. For that reason, we recommend a site walk to ensure the upgrade’s success.

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