Helping to Put 5G to Work in Your Smart City

Small cell solutions from Raycap can streamline 5G deployment while keeping you in control of your municipality’s aesthetics. We have decades of experience in making wireless installations blend in with your cityscape, plus integrated solutions that streamline installation and minimize ongoing maintenance. We’ve Got 5G Covered!™

– Small cell concealment products in many formats: streetlight poles, pole-mounted enclosures, wall-mounted and rooftop solutions and more

– Integrated small cell sites that come pre-assembled and tested to accelerate installation

– Decades of wireless engineering experience to help you streamline planning, design and approval

– Three domestic manufacturing sites to ensure quality, capacity and on-time delivery

Get 5G Small Cell Answers from Raycap

If you are a municipality or utility planning for 5G deployment, our experts can answer your questions about options for small-cell protection and concealment. Contact us today. We’ve got 5G covered!